Happiness describes a joyful, pleasurable mood of a person. It depends upon us because the reason behind happiness varies from person to person.

We cannot say that this thing will give you happiness or not.

In the present time, our mindset is changed. We feel happy while doing things that make us happy. There is also a variation of ways.

Some people feel happy when they see their beloved one’s happiness. It will automatically make his/her happy. Sometimes it happens in true love.

The day one when You saw a person anywhere in the world, you might feel expected and unexplainable vibes that attract you towards them. You really feel. Some powerful energy that catches you and you start going toward it. Nothing is more important for you except to see that person. The happiness or cheerful face of that person makes your day.

You feel happy all day and from here your busy schedule does not irritate you, you still enjoy your work. The work you were afraid of doing has become your hobby and you put your all efforts to do it.

When we see a child we will automatically happy and it the most crucial thing that you have to be experienced.

Happiness is not in things that we must have instead it is in enjoying the things that we have.